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To be of the best support to the child in his task of self-formation
and in becoming a complete human being, involves engagement
of the whole child in learning, from the very beginning.

In short, the Montessori Philosophy around human development and becoming a complete human being:

According to the work of Dr Maria Montessori, human beings are born into the world in an emerging state for the purpose of developing independence, coordinated movement, language and will, in relationship with their environment after birth, and, in order to become a complete human being, the child needs to progress in all of these areas:


is the most important psychological element for a child, as it is the path to self-assurance and the beginning of a view of the self.

Co-ordinated movement

involves the harmony between the physical and the intellectual capacities that can only be achieved over time, and in engagement with the external environment.


is both expressive as well as receptive, and intelligence is directly influenced by the quality and extent of exposure to language from the first days of life.

The will

has to do with the ability to control the self to be in harmony with our environment and society. Self-control and inner discipline allows the child to seek purpose and fulfilment in life, through service of and love for others, and nature that sustains us daily.

The Montessori approach to education was developed by Italian physician and pioneer in education, Dr Maria Montessori. It is a child-centered, holistic approach, based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. The Method has stood the test of time, growing from strength to strength for more than 100 years, in diverse cultures all over the world. Today, studies are proving the theories as correct, and most conducive for learning, now more than ever before. Learning is seen as “a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” This approach values and supports the human spirit and is an education which prepares one for life.

The Fundamental
of the
  1. Multi-Age Classrooms (Vertical Grouping)
  2. The Uninterrupted Work Cycle
  3. No Rewards No Punishments
  4. The Prepared Environment
  5. The Montessori Guide
  6. The Montessori Curriculum
Here at Joyspring Montessori
we focus

Sensorial Development

The Sensitive Periods

Exploration of our Mathematical World

Independence in Activities of Daily Life

Gross Motor Development

Language Development

Fostering Concentration

Fine Motor Development

Discovering the Natural World

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Elrika Beukes Happy Mom

This school has a very soft spot in my heart! The amount of love and care Margaux Overbeek and her team invests into every child everyday is admirable! #blessed

Natalie de Bastos Happy Mom

Over the past 4 years, Joyspring Montessori has become my little boy's "home away from home." He absolutely loves Margaux and her team, and "Ouma Sophie" who used to care for him in the baby class is still his "Ouma Soph." He loves the activities on offer in the beautiful classroom environment. He is exposed to practical learning, which he loves. They teach age appropriate independence. He loves going to Joyspring Montessori and is excited to see everyone every morning - some days he does not even want to come home 🙂 . I am so at ease and at peace leaving him in the Joyspring team's care. Thank you, lovely team, at Joyspring Montessori for loving my boy and making his time in your care so lovely and enjoyable.

Ilze van Staden Happy Mom

Dear Margaux, Vicky and Heather! I was pretty emotional this afternoon so I did not say much! I just want to say that I could not have asked for a better school to look after my little girls. When I decided to put Klara in a school I knew I could not put her in an ordinary school. I had to put her in a enviroment where she would be excepted for who she is and not forced to be ecxactly like the rest of the kids around her, but be ok with who she is and have voice! She loves all of you so much! It was such a hard decision to take her away from your warm hearts, and I am sure she will beg me to go back just as she did this week. But only time will tell, we looked long and hard for a school where we thought she might adapt to easily and I am sure she has learned so much from you that she will thrive in the future! Thank you for helping me shape this little girl into the strong little angle that she is! You will most definetly be missed by her! Liezel and I will see you next year!

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